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public relations and influence

Public relations have a strategic stake. They can have different objectives depending on your business, the market, your target, and many other parameters to take into account. They can also respond to your visibility, reputation, credibility, acquisition, sales, lead generation or referencing issues.

Whether it's organizing an event, creating partnerships, bringing together journalists and influencers, we do everything we can to create original and impactful campaigns. With an address book of more than 1,000 journalists and thousands of influencers, we take care to select the media and influencers whose audiences and quality amplify your message.

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Communication strategy

It is essential to have a well-defined plan before launching a communication campaign or building a website to be successful. We'll help you understand your goals, the targets (personas) you're trying to capture, and identify the most effective approaches to achieving those goals.


We will listen to you, we will analyze your needs, then we will work with you to develop the communication strategy that best suits your positioning and the particular dynamics of your market.


Some companies find it difficult to highlight their strengths and identify their opportunities. Our workshops allow us to better understand your needs. We intervene at any time in the life of a company. From support in the development of your business plan for young companies, to strategic advice for the largest firms.


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